Conceived in Rape Traitors?

Good response Rebecca! Let’s keep pushing these issues forward!


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Subject: Conceived in Rape Traitors?

My friend Kelsey Hazzard, founder and president of Secular Pro-Life wrote an article today which was posted in LifeNews posing the question, “How can abortion supporters conceived in rape justify supporting abortion?” My piece is in response to Kelsey’s brilliant article, which poses a very sincere question in regards to a position I see has an anathema.

When I first learned at 18 that I was conceived in rape, I felt very alone in this knowledge for many years. I barely knew anyone else who was adopted with whom I could relate. It was nearly 10 years before I finally met someone else who was conceived out of violence — Julie Makimaa, who was also a pro-life activist at the time. Glamour Magazine was running a story entitled, “My Father Is A Rapist,” featuring eight women who were all conceived in rape. Each of our mothers were interviewed for this article as well, just to verify our stories. At the end of the article the journalist wrote, “It is a stunning fact that each of these mothers expressed that they were able to overcome their hatred for their rapist and find joy in their love for their daughters.” I felt vindicated by this “evidence” that we are all indeed lovable.

The next person I met who was conceived in rape was Rob Murphy — a youth pastor at the time, who was speaking at a Teens for Life event for Right to Life of Michigan. He was the first I’d ever met face to face. When we began speaking together, he introduced me as his sister: “Different rapist

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