Women Who Cried Wolf — the illegitimate rape claim behind Roe v Wade

This past week, Congressman Akin was publicly chastised for his comments on abortion in the case of rape, employing the controversial term “legitimate rape.” There was outcry from the liberal left, and from moderate Republicans – an indignation that a candidate for U.S. Senate would dare imply that a woman’s claim of rape might not be legitimate, making him out to be a misogynist. Though I’ve previously written that the comment was a faux pas and unnecessarily uttered, I’d like to address the underlying implications of such a statement, which was very similar to Ron Paul’s phraseology about an “honest rape” when he too was asked about abortion in the case of rape. Are legislators really to blame for implying that there are false claims of rape? Is there a history of illegitimate rape claims, particularly as it relates to this issue of pregnancy and rape? Do some women fabricate these claims? If so, who is to blame for any tendency in our society to question the veracity of rape victims’ accounts? Skeptical lawmakers, judges, juries, media, and the public, or the women who have cried wolf?

When I was in law school, I was a victim of domestic violence. A boyfriend from law school beat me up, breaking my jaw, knocking my teeth loose, chipping them, and crushing all of the bone in my upper jaw, which eventually resulted in the loss of my front tooth after much effort and surgeries to try to save it. I became a family law attorney because of what was done to me. As a young attorney, I was idealistic and naïve – absolutely indignant that any judge or Friend of the Court referee would dare question the claims of a victim of domestic violence. After all, she finally had the courage to leave the abusive situation after having been threatened, abused and terrorized. How on Earth could a judge or Friend of the Court referee doubt her account and refuse to grant, or dismiss, a Personal Protection Order? I thought that these people must be uncaring women-haters, showing deference only to men. Maybe they were even abusers themselves?!

Then I gained experience. I had clients who I discovered were lying about their claims of domestic violence. I had clients who specifically asked me, “Well, what if I say I was abused?” — wanting to know how that could affect custody, or getting him removed from the home so she wouldn’t have to live with her husband during their divorce. Finally, the reality struck me – these judges are skeptical because there are women who cry wolf. That’s when I began seeing the judges in a new light, and my resentment grew toward the women who lied. I saw the reality that my clients who really were abused had a difficult time with the court system because of these other women who were ruining it for the real victims.

After learning my front tooth would have to be pulled, an expert in cosmetic dentistry offered to restore my smile for free, as part of the Give Back A Smile Program for victims of domestic violence, through the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry — http://www.aacd.com/index.php?module=cms&page=556. The bridge and eight teeth with porcelain veneers would have likely cost me around $20,000 to have done by this expert in advanced cosmetic dentistry. http://www.forrestbryant.com Hence, the program had to ensure that there wasn’t fraud. I had to have a certification from a domestic violence counselor that I’d spent time with her, that she believed my claim was legitimate, and that I’d been out of the relationship for at least one year. Was this because these people who wanted to help restore my smile were really misogynist wife-beaters themselves who heartlessly mistrusted a victim’s story? No, of course not! This is the result of women who have cried wolf – and I got scrutinized.

In my conversations with many people this past week, I repeatedly got asked the question from those who were honest in their reactions to the latest news frenzy: “Well, aren’t there women who lie about rape? What about the Duke LaCrosse team rape scandal?” Margaret DiCanio, author of the book, The Encyclopedia of Violence: Origins, Attitudes, Consequences (1993), states that “while researchers and prosecutors do not agree on the exact percentage of false allegations, they generally agree on a range of 2% to 8%.” Aren’t the ones who make the false rape claims prejudicing our society and hurting the 92 – 98% of rape victims who actually have legitimate rape claims, and doesn’t some of the blame rest on them? I believe so.

But what about the claims of pregnancy by rape? Do women lie about that? When I first learned that I was conceived in rape, I was 18, and I was devastated. My family and friends did not know how to relate to me. I was not given any kind of foundation in my life for dealing with this difficult truth, and they had no foundation themselves for offering real assistance. So they took the easiest strategy, which was to tell me that it’s probably not true, “because a lot of women lie about becoming pregnant by rape.”

When I finally met my birthmother several months later, she shared the horrible details of the rape, having been abducted at knifepoint by a serial rapist and brutally raped. She basically walked me through the entire evening of the rape, including the aftermath. There was no question her account was true. Once again, I had to try to cope with the reality of it, and I still had some family members who suggested that it may have been fabricated. I got very upset with them. I intuitively knew how unfair it was for them to question the veracity of her account, just because they didn’t want to deal with the painful truth and because of their discomfort with the fact that my rape-conception could not be reconciled with their world-view and pro-choice values. But once they realized my birthmother’s account was true, their abortion stance was instantly changed.

But why would family and friends suggest such a thing – that there are women who lie about becoming pregnant through rape? Are there any well-known documented cases where this happened, as in the Duke LaCrosse team false rape claim case?

The answer to that question lies in the very foundation for the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case which legalized abortion in the U.S. – the false rape claim by Norma McCorvey — Jane Roe in Roe v Wade. This is her testimony on January 21, 1998, before the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Federalism, and Property Rights of the Senate Judiciary Committee:

“My name is Norma McCorvey. I’m sorry to admit that I’m the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade. The affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court didn’t happen the way I said it did, pure and simple. I lied! Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffey needed an extreme case to make their client look pitiable. Rape seemed to be the ticket. What made rape even worse? A gang rape! It all started out as a little lie, but my little lie grew and became more horrible with each telling.”

The largest illegitimate rape claim ever perpetrated in the history of our nation was the foundation for the filing of Roe v Wade, which led to abortion on demand in our country! So the next time you hear anyone complaining about Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” remark, I want you to remember that abortion rights activists are the women who cried wolf. They are the ones who are squarely responsible for the skepticism we see today regarding women who claim to be pregnant by rape, and they’ve set an example for other women to lie about it too. For those on the left who criticize Akin, I can assuredly call you out as hypocrites.

And for those who make the rape exception, some blame rests on you as well. After all, once you make a rape exception, you now have to set a standard in order to determine whether a claim of rape is legitimate so that the government will not be defrauded, as in the Hyde Amendment exceptions – when a woman wants to receive Medicaid funding to abort her child. Rape exceptions put the government in this position – whether they require a police report, social service agency report, or a doctor’s certification that he’s satisfied that her claim of rape is legitimate.

I’m a co-founder and board member of a newly-formed 501(c)(3), Hope After Rape Conception – http://www.hopeafterrapeconception.org, whose mission is to assist rape survivor mothers and their children. We seek to ensure that they are protected by law from the rapist having any parental rights, with model legislation posted on the site, and we also plan to post model guidelines for States so that rape survivor mothers will not be cut off from receiving state aid. This occurs all too often because federal and state laws require that a mother cooperate with the local child support enforcement division of the prosecutor’s office by naming the father. Some rape victims are unable to do so, and others are apprehensive about naming him because it could open the door for him to know about her child, and to be able to exercise parental rights. So part of our board members’ plans are to craft model guidelines . . . , which means that we’ll have the difficult task of recommending standards for states to set to determine whether a claim of rape is legitimate. Ah – there’s that word again!

As if that task is not sticky enough for a board composed of two rape survivor mothers, two members who were conceived in rape, and a grandmother of a child conceived when her minor daughter was raped, our future plans also include offering scholarships to rape survivor mothers and their children, as well as financial assistance to those who have been cut off from state aid. What this means is that we will be in the awkward position of having to ascertain ourselves whether a rape claim is legitimate. Juda Myers – someone who was also conceived in rape, runs a new organization called, “Choices 4 Life” — http://www.choices4life.org, which has presented “honor awards” to rape survivor mothers and which seeks to raise funds to provide financial aid to these women. She recently shared with me that she has experienced fraud where women – dare I say – had illegitimate rape claims. So this is not foolhardy or myth, but a reality in this world that there are indeed women who lie about having become pregnant by rape.

It does take a lot of courage for survivors of rape and survivors of domestic violence to come forward with their stories and to seek protection and justice, and I’m very protective of my own birthmother in this regard. Last year, I had friends alert me to a chat room where someone was making the accusation that my birthmother’s story was false, and/or that my claim of having been conceived in rape was false. It’s frustrating and insulting that such accusations are made. It affects me, and it hurts other women as well. But when we discuss this issue, let us not forget, and let us remind others, who it is that fabricated the greatest illegitimate claim of rape which has ever been perpetrated in the U.S., and perhaps around the world. These abortion rights activists are the women who cried wolf.

19 thoughts on “Women Who Cried Wolf — the illegitimate rape claim behind Roe v Wade

  1. Rebecca is right on and superbly confirms my statements that Akin’s remarks about legitmate rape were, infact, related to his association with Norma McCorvey’s false claim of conception through gang rape on her affidavit in the landmark case, Roe vs Wade. I am sure the liberal media and anti-life feminist want to keep the focus off the truth about “women who cry wolf” because they are the poster children for false accusations. Women like Weddington and her associates are responsible for making it difficult to prove real cases of rape. So we can conclude that the lies and deception behind the legalization of abortion has not only killed millions of innocent children, caused the deaths of hundreds of women, the physical maiming of hundreds of thousands of women, they are personallyresponsiblfor women’s rights abuses. What they had hoped would liberate women has led to the exploitation of pregnant women nd violence against pregnan women. What an ugly can of worms they openedis Rebecca and pro-life merica.


  2. Sorry about the ending of my comment. I wrote this on my Android and has a terrible time. In conclusion, I wanted to say great article now run with it Rebecca and pro-life America!


  3. Great read. Thanks for posting.
    I appreciate what you are doing for the cause of pro-life. I am the proud father of 9 living children. My wife has had 13 pregnancies. 3 ended in mis-carriage and one was still-born. You give great insight on this aspect of the abortion issue.


  4. Well,shit….some of us were also disappointed when she got ‘saved’ and no longer was a lesbian. But that does not invalidate the ‘facts’ presented and the court decision following that.


  5. as a victim of “legitimate” child molestation and rape, i find this article very sad. it took me years to come to terms with what happened to me as a child, and as a young adult i was targeted by someone i trusted and raped repeatedly. it was months before i could tell anyone. i would walk by the police station on the way home from school and try to gather the courage to try and go inside and make a report, but it would mean i would have to tell them what had happened to me. i couldn’t even mutter the word, rape. i never reported it, i never gathered the courage to tell the gruesome details. i was ashamed and depressed. i was suicidal and suffered from extreme anxiety. i feared i would see him again, and continued to live with shame and fear until i fled to a different state. to think that because less than 10% of women who do manage to come forward and make the claim that they are raped may be lying, and that the number may be so low as even 2%, are becoming the primary focus of why women should be under scrutiny makes me very sad. i am ashamed all over again because in most states, rapists can make a plea bargain and face less than five years in prison, but they are not the real monsters in this story. the women who might be lying are. and because somewhere between 2% and 8% of all victims are dishonest, some are willing to sacrifice the needs of many to squander the few who may abuse it. really, less than 10% of claims are false?! and THIS is the big hoopla?! what about the +90% of claims? to prioritize 8% or less of rape claims seems like baloney to me. it sounds more like an excuse to not deal with the huge number of rape cases and is a piss poor excuse for the pro-life argument. i don’t care that some women claim to have gone through the torment that i have in order to get the attention or financial assistance that is there, as long as it is there for those who need it. i don’t care that Roe v Wade is a fabrication, because the story itself and the women it stands for are very real.

    years later, i am still dealing with my past. having recently become pregnant, old memories and hurts become new again. its not uncommon for women who are survivors of sexual abuse to fall to old lows due to the pregnancy. the feelings of helplessness and lack of control are all very real again, and some of the invasive medical procedures that are common practice for pregnant women are distressing and intrusive. i don’t expect you to understand what its like, because lives vary from person to person, and trauma seems to touch all people in some way or another. but for someone who has never endured what another person has and to decide what is okay for them to do makes no sense to me. i was on the verge of suicide at 18 as it was. if i had to have a vaginal exam every month afterwards because i was carrying the child of my rapist, i would have killed myself without a doubt. some women are strong, and can carry through being selfish and self pitying during their own time of suffering. these women are amazing, and to carry to term the child of your rapist is something i can only imagine. to assume all women are this strong is false, and to limit these women or back them into a corner will only serve to push them further toward darker options. there may be two victims, a fetus and their traumatized mother. the option stands that you can try to save one (the mother), or sacrifice both to the chaos and hope she doesn’t attempt a home abortion or suicide.


  6. Thanks Rebecca sadly humans are an imperfect creature and lying doesn’t have to be taught. Very young children know how to lie from almost the moment they can speak! So with that said rape isn’t any “exception” for those lies. And those lies make it so very hard for the world to believe the rest of us. I am determined however to give women the benefit of the doubt. I’d never want anyone to feel betrayed again if they are telling the truth.

    The more we speak out the more people will believe and KNOW the truth.
    My organization and yours are steps in the right direction to validate real “legitimate” pregnancies through rape and weed out the liars.


  7. As a guy, I really appreciated your article. I realize that Congressman Akins “legitimate rape” sounds insensitive, but we shouldn’t shut down discussion and demonize him because it wasn’t a politically correct thing to say. Two girls I went out with had claimed to be raped, one later apologized and told me it wasn’t true. The other I am almost certain it wasn’t true either. I have also personally witnessed how the mind can control the body, and have experienced that his statement about how the body can prevent pregnancy is the case of rape. I am not suggesting this will always happen, but I have witnessed that it can happen. I think it’s unfortunate that we are shutting down discussion on important topics because it’s something they don’t want to hear.


  8. Your article is very insightful and revealing. May the Lord bless your work.
    I can only agree with Molly White above: “What they had hoped would liberate women has led to the exploitation of pregnant women nd violence against pregnan women.”
    No lie can expect to be blessed. Freedom follows truth.
    Rudi Schwartz


  9. I saw a bit of your “discussion” with Gloria Allred on CNN [through Jill Stanek]. She kept interupting and though Morgan promised you the last word, gave that to Allred along with allowing her to interupt you repeatedly. You did a good job. I especially liked when you said you were sorry for her son or daughter. Maybe she needed to hear that.


  10. I’m a little late and caught this blog after being referred to the website by a close friend. Boy am I glad I read this. I was in IL when Akin made that statement and became the laughingstock of the country. I too thought it was a bit of a gaff but hours later I got suspicious of my own opinion. I thought to myself that perhaps he might be refering to these fabricated cases, and not simple saying some women aren’t raped by his personal definition.

    Needless to say, you confirmed my suspicions about his intention. This is good reading and 99.9% of people are unwilling to even have a peek at another opinion other than what they are told. Who can blame them either? When one is unwilling to even remotely consider an opinion that disagrees with their current conscious (as I call it) they cease to clarify anything.

    Thank you for your blog, you’ve got a new-regular follower. I only ask that if opportune, you may write more.


  11. 40 years rape and incest have been used to keep abortion legal, maybe it’s time for people to see who the exceptions are that people advocate killing. Jan 2013 March For Life maybe a time to share the stories like the Silent No More Awareness bring forth the ladies that were pregnant through rape and those conceived through rape. The stories don’t need to go into great detail of the rapes, the Silent No More Awareness probably can help with the testimonies if help is needed. No matter what the abortion supreal_1971@yahoo.comporters say you were meant to be http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/i-was-conceived-in-rape.-did-i-deserve-to-be-aborted


  12. (correction) 40 years rape and incest have been used to keep abortion legal, maybe it’s time for people to see who the exceptions are that people advocate killing. Jan 2013 March For Life maybe a time to share the stories like the Silent No More Awareness bring forth the ladies that were pregnant through rape and those conceived through rape. The stories don’t need to go into great detail of the rapes; the Silent No More Awareness probably can help with the testimonies if help is needed. No matter what the abortion supporters say you were meant to be http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/i-was-conceived-in-rape.-did-i-deserve-to-be-aborted


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