4 thoughts on “Link to ‘Rebecca Kiessling – Blog’

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I met you and your children when you spoke at Long Island Coalition for Life, Long Island. thank you.
    My idea is that there should be, in addition to the DVDs, a separate site where all those conceived in rape manage the site – not the mothers, but the actual children, just as you individually are doing. I think this would help more mothers to be honest with their children when a child was the result of a rape, but more importantly, for the children born themselves speak to the world. I think this would starlle those who would want to say, and do say – as you have experienced – “glad she’s here” into an awareness that it is not only you who is of the opinion. If the percentage is as large as your site indicates, then there has to be many, many others. Most probably they haven’t come forth to be united with each other because of the lack of a presented avenue. Not every one is as courageous as those on the dvd, yet I believe many would let themselves be heard, if not seen, that they are glad to be here, too.
    You have been blessed with exceptional beauty and intelligence, as well as courage.. This is not true of others in general, I have found, yet given an opportunity, others may not take the first step, but they will contribute to the efforts. you are making. So, can a “children of rape speak” site be established?


  2. Rebecca, You are truly an amazing lady. I did not know of your plite until I saw it on TV. Thanks for your story and your effort to bring the truth to all who will listen. You are the voice of those that can’t speak for themselves. We can only hope your message will resonate and inform those that think abortion is another form of birth control.


  3. I am a 51 year old adopted woman who just recently found out the my birthmother’s father is actually also my father, the lines get blurred: grandpa becomes dad, mom becomes sister, aunts become sisters, brothers become nephews, wow it is all so overwhelmng. This man who had raped several members of his family I met and everyone kept the secrets from me. Now I know and am processing tjhese many feelings as best I can. Are there any good books on this subject. At this point the family seems to have stepped back and that is OK, I am appreciating my husband and grandchildren much more these days. I feel like my bio family was curious when they met me but they have kept these horrible secrets for years. They acted like this man was wonderful and you would never have imagined the things he did. Thank goodness In was given up for adoption or I may have been a victim too.


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